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Fire Screen - Prank


Fire Screen Prank simulates very realistic flame animation on the screen of your phone. Touch the screen and you will hear sound of fire and you will see realistic flames burning on your screen.Fire effect shows up in the place where your finger is touching, so you can burn your screen anywhere you want to. You will be able to set the time after which the flame will be extinguished. You also have two kinds of background to choose: transparent and black ones. Choosing the transparent background will give you an impression as if your phone bursts into flames.Feature:★Touch to generate realistic fire, flames★Realistic burning animation of the fire with sound.★Transparent background mode.You can make a joke your friends - Start fire screen applications and give your phone to your friend. After touching the screen, your friend will hear the sounds of the fire and will see flames under the finger. He/she must be surprised.It is an prank App!